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The Hardest Part About

One of the hardest things about books on grief is knowing how to start to help keep it brief. I am stuck inside my head trying to break it into parts, remembering the lessons that the grief imparts. In a complex world, wanting to find our way out, we begin with four words: the hardest part about.


Four simple words. Such a small amount of words expressed by a friend, spouse, family member, coworker, and so on can go in many different directions. You may find that there are times when you are starting a sentence with these four words with the intent of delving into your own feelings or as a way to express the perceived pain of a situation so that others may understand where your mind and heart were at in that moment. You may also be thinking about these four words as you reflect on the fact you picked up a book that is centered on grief. Regardless, hearing or saying the phrase “the hardest part about” means that a story is about to be told.


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